by design or by disaster - out now

During the Covid pandemic Ruud Jolie started to think about releasing a third record called ‘By Design Or By Disaster’. For the music and lyrics of the album Jolie collaborated again with vocalist Wudstik and the band consists of the same musicians that played on the first two albums; Léo Margarit (Pain of Salvation), Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex Pain of Salvation) and Marco Kuypers (ex Cloudmachine)


The 11 songs were produced by Jolie himself and range from heavy thrashy metal to delicate lullabies. In comparison to the first two albums, ‘By Design Or By Disaster’ takes the listener to even more extremes; nice soft lush string textures to straight up ‘in your face’ pounding rhythms and guitars. But Jolie was still looking for melodies and harmonies you don’t see coming. Like with the previous two albums there’s still ‘no colouring in between the lines’ so to speak. For the attentive listener there are a few easter eggs to be found: There are some melodies from the first two albums that have made their way onto this one so together with the first two records this album creates a musical triptych. The same applies to the artwork.


Vinyl editions

The first 2 albums are available on vinyl.

Both vinyls editions are available in black or special colours; smokey (FAWK) and dracula (TMH) Get both at Construction Records HERE


CLICK HERE to find out more about the core band and the guest musicians on the two albums.