ruud jolie

Ruud (mastermind behind For All We Know) is a big Star Wars fan, a cat lover, he likes to fight (don’t worry, only in the gym: Boxing and Krav Maga) and he loves to read. His passion for music developed in favour of the guitar soon after he watched a video of an Iron Maiden concert. Thus, after he was done with high school, Ruud attended a conservatory for his college education majoring in jazz guitar.

Ruud started out by playing with several bands. He played with Brotherhood Foundation and Vals Licht before hooking up with Within Temptation in 2001. When he's not teaching (at Metal Factory Eindhoven) or on the road with WT, he plays with Maiden uniteD (acoustic Iron Maiden band) or produces video lessons for Youtube (Click HERE).


Wudstik grew up in Leusden in a Dutch/Moluccan family. His father and brother mainly listened to rock and metal but on the schoolyard he discovered hiphop music so he has a very diverse taste in music and is active in probably the widest range of genres possible. He loves (prog)rock/metal and sang on Ayreon's 01011001 album.

He's also working in the Dutch pop scene and he released his latest solo album called ‘Breek Het Geluid’ in 2016. Ruud collaborated a lot with him for this new For All We Know album. He’s also a great drummer and a superb guitarist. He plays left handed on a right handed guitar. That looks so weird!
Wudstik is a videogame fanatic and usually kicks Ruud's ass with online shooters...

Kristoffer Gildenlöw

Kristoffer was born in Sweden but has been living in the Netherlands for the last 10 years. He might be best known for his work with Swedish prog band Pain of Salvation. Ruud has been a fan of that band since 1998 and when he met him at a PoS concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam in 2007, we hit it off pretty much immediately. Not in a romantic way of course ;-) He has released two solo albums (Rust (2012) and The Rain (2016)) but he is also known for his humanitarian work for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Fund, an organization in Kenya that rescues and cares for orphaned baby elephants.

Right now he is working together with the organisation ‘Bikers Against Child Abuse’ on the project ‘Breaking the Chains’ This will feature a lot of prominent rock artists collaborating on music for an album that will be released later this year. I’m one of the lucky people who gets the chance to work on it as well. Besides being an awesome bass player and singer he is also one of the kindest people you could meet.

Léo Margarit

He’s born in the south of France in 1981 in a family of musicians, Léo started to play the drums at the early age of 3. After many years of practicing, he obtained many degrees in different French conservatories, like classical percussions, ear training, music chamber, drums, jazz…

In late 2007, after he has applied through the internet, Léo was chosen to be the new drummer of Swedish progressive rock/metal giants Pain of Salvation, among a choice of 250 applicants from the whole world. So he packed a suitcase and loaded his drumkit in his car and moved to Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Ruud wanted a very diverse player, a drummer who could handle different styles and Léo is definitely that kind of drummer. From very soft and groovy stuff to straight and real heavy; He recorded the drums for his new album in only 2!!!!!! days. That was awesome!!!

thijs schrijnemakers

Thijs and Ruud both used to teach at Rock City Institute in Eindhoven, Holland. At that school he used to teach keyboards, in the broadest sense of the word. Nowadays he teaches at Holland’s prestigious music college ‘Rock Academie’.

He's one of the most energetic keyboard players around so Ruud wanted him to play on the album. He took his Hammond organ with big Leslie speaker to Ruud's own 6 DC studio and recorded his parts in just two days.

He has his own band called ‘Orgel Vreten’ (Organ Eating) which consists of drums, bass and two Hammond organs. They perform with a lot of guest musicians and a couple of years ago Ruud had the honor to join them on stage playing some Deep Purple.
His dry sense of humor, in combination with his dialect, makes him one of the funniest people Ruud knows.

marco kuypers

Marco and Ruud met back in 1995 when they were studying jazz at the conservatory. They have been in numerous bands and jazz ensembles since those days. He plays the piano, rhodes and Wurlitzer on this new For All We Know album and again he did an amazing job.

He writes, arranges and produces a lot of music for amusement park 'De Efteling' and for tv. He has his own studio called 'Park View Audio’ in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands.