anneke v Giersbergen

Guest on Take Me Home

Known as the former lead singer of the Dutch heavy metal band The Gathering, now doing her own thing as a successful solo artist and with her band Vuur.

She has also worked with Lawn, Farmer Boys, Ayreon, Napalm Death, Moonspell, Globus, Giant Squid, Devin Townsend and Within Temptation.

Ruud Houweling

Guest on album #1

Ruud considers Ruud Houweling one of the most talented songwriters in Holland. He's also a great singer and Cloudmachine is the band for which he used to do both. He's a surfer with a very contagious laugh...

Ruud contributes to the canon song on the album.


Richie Faulkner

Guest on album #1

Before he joined Judas Priest, he was the guitar player in the Lauren Harris Band (UK). They supported Within Temptation on their The Heart of Everything European Tour in 2007 and they have been friends ever since. Besides being a huge Star Wars fan he's also a truly great guitarist with amazing chops. He plays a superb solo on one song.

Daniel Gildenlöw

Guest on album #1

He's the founding member and singer, guitarist and songwriter for Pain of Salvation from Sweden. He's Kristoffer's older brother and one of the greatest and most versatile rock singers around.
Maybe he should write a book soon. The only thing he would have to do is collect the emails that were exchanged between himself and Ruud. Some of them could be considered short stories by themselves. Daniel lent his great voice to the canon song on the album.

John Wesley

Guest on album #1

Whenever Wes plays the 013 (venue in Tilburg, Ruud's hometown) with Porcupine Tree, they always go for a beer or two in the Irish Pub around the corner. He has such a very unique style of playing solos that Ruud really wanted him to play something on the album. He recorded an amazing solo for one of the tracks.

Anke derks

Guest on album #1

As a personal friend of Ruud, this Dutch singer also wanted to contribute to the album. Because Ruud considers her to be very talented, they went into the studio and in the end it sounded so good that the recording made it onto the album.

Sharon den Adel

Guest on album #1

She and Ruud have been bandmates in Within Temptation for the last 16 years. They have toured the world together and there are numerous anecdotes to be told but unfortunately this is not the time or the place for that. She has one of the greatest and purest voices in the rock genre. For that same canon song Ruud wanted a female voice so she was a very logical choice.

Damian Wilson

Guest on album #1

Besides being the singer for bands like Threshold, DWB, Star One and Ayreon, he's also the singer for Ruud's acoustic Iron Maiden tribute project 'Maiden uniteD'. When he was in Ruud's studio recording some Maiden uniteD stuff, he also did some backing vocals and sang on the canon song. After that they drank some beers, the thing they both do best.

Tom Sikkers

Guest on album #1

He used to be the guitar player for Tilburg based crossover band Brotherhood Foundation. Ruud took over when Tom decided to quit that band in 1997. He has his own studio, Larger Than Live, where he mixed both For All We Know albums. He sang on the canon song.

Camilla van der Kooij

Guest on album #1

During their 2010 theatre tour Within Temptation were accompanied by a cellist and a violinist. Well, Camilla was that particular violinist.
Ruud recorded some surf guitars for one of her songs and in return she played some really beautiful melodies on her violin on two tracks.